Contach Metals have researched and built their own wood saw incorporating necessary safety features. Our newly designed wood saw gives you the ability to safely and conveniently cut logs for firewood.

We have incorporated a number of features which enhance the ease of using the saw. These include a large guard over the blade, conveniently placed handles and a tall sided tray.

The saw can be towed behind your vehicle for use around your property, reducing the need for a chainsaw.

Manufactured in our factory in Albany the wood saw is available with a number of options including choice of motor (Honda, Briggs & Stratton or PTO Shaft) and a 30" or 36" tungsten tip blade which will saw through up to 60 tonnes of hardwood before needing sharpening.

Starting at $4300, this saw can be fitted on to a pallet and shipped any where in Australia.

New Contach Designed Wood Saw
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